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Welcome to the RuneScape Classic Wiki

We are the official RuneScape Classic (RSC) encyclopaedia, written and maintained by the players. Documenting the world of RuneScape Classic, from its inception in 2001 to its shut down in 2018.

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26 September 2018

Important discussion about the possibility of our Wiki moving. Please head over to the discussion to have your voice heard.

15 September 2018

Our Wiki continues to grow! We have reached the milestone of having 4000 articles with the addition of: Issue 17 of the God letters

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<option> Iban blast is unique, in that its attack orb is that of a skull.</option> <option> You can get many Magic whistles to spawn in Draynor Manor if you enter and leave the room where it spawns without picking up more than one. Each time you enter and leave the room 2 more whistles will spawn (assuming you have the Holy table napkin).</option> <option> You can get FREE beer from the Khazard Bartender located in the Fight Arena Bar. Due to a programing error the NPC does not check whether or not the player has enough coins to purchase the beer. Resulting in the player not being charged if they have no coins in their inventory.</option> <option>
The lowest level monster in the game is Charlie a prisoner located in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. He has a very intimidating combat level of 0.</option> <option> In order to cast the spell Bones to bananas players must cast the spell on themselves, not the Bones in their inventory.</option> <option> Casting High level alchemy or Low level alchemy on stackable items, will result in the entire stack being converted to coins! Be careful so you don't accidentally alch your entire stack of runes or arrows!</option> <option> You can use text effects to change the colour of the text on the Login screen.</option> <option> In addition to only being able to use Holy water vials on Ungadulu before your first fight with Nezikchened. When you do, the attack orb is blue instead of the traditional green orb for ranged attacks.</option> <option> Players with just level 50 Woodcutting can obtain Magic Logs by cutting down either Dead or Rotten Yommi trees.</option> <option> In RSC Mithril seeds spawn a little tree that stays put for around 32 seconds before despawning.</option> <option> Players with just level 50 Woodcutting can obtain Magic Logs by cutting down either Dead or Rotten Yommi trees.</option> <option> In RSC Mithril seeds spawn a little tree that stays put for around 32 seconds before despawning.</option> <option> Creating Prototype Throwing Dart gives the most Fletching experience in the game at a whooping 225 each! Especially when you consider a player only needs 10 fletching to make them.</option> <option>
If you insult Aggie she will take 20 coins from the player or if the player has no coins but has Flour she will take that instead.</option> <option> Players who pass the cage in the Underground Pass (location) will be unable to leave back through it, as there is no Lever (scenery) on the other side to open it back up. Meaning, the only way to leave the pass is to either complete the quest, die to a monster, teleport out, or lose a duel.</option> <option> Upon release Silver looked identically to Uncut diamond. However, even after the change they still look very similar.
(Uncut diamond on the left and Silver on the right)</option> <option> Not only can use Ice Gloves instead of a Water (bucket) during the Clock Tower quest. But when you do, you are able to grab and hold an inventory full of Large cog (black). Interestingly, you will still get the message "you can only carry one" after each cog you grab. Additionally, you can duplicate the cog, so long as you drop it and pick it back up, while wearing the Ice Gloves </option>



Fighting, not for skillers.</option> <option>A player's bank
The place where you can store worthwhile items.</option> <option>Someone is woodcutting.
Get your logs from trees!</option> <option>The Halloween masks!.
All 3 of the rare and colourful H'ween Masks. Very scary indeed!</option> <option>Someone is training mining.
If you need some ores to make bars for smithing, this is the ideal skill for you.</option> <option>Dummies at the Combat Training Camp
Combat Training Camp
King Lathas' army is preparing for something...</option> <option>Peak of White Wolf Mountain
Peak of White Wolf Mountain
White wolves, a glider, and various inate rocks.</option> <option>Bob's Axes
Bob's Axes
Your first source for things with "axe" in their name.</option> <option>Draynor Village
Draynor Village
A popular place for players to gather.</option>


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Herblaw - A skill which can be used to create potions which have a variety of effects, using herbs and secondary ingredients.